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Thrive Through Transformation

“An idea is not something you have, it’s something you do.”
Lawrence Roff
– Director

Our mission at Quiver Tree Capital is to allow you to stop “imagining” and start “implementing” change to your business in an efficient and effective manner within the parameters of the South African regulatory and legislative climate.

We combine specialised yet diverse skill sets, along with in-depth experience to address our clients transformation. Our focus is always client orientated.

No solution is the same and our highly adaptable and dynamic team is able to adjust to each situation and client requirement.

An Engagement for Growth

The process used to make all our clients transform into a qualified B-BBEE partner is one that incorporates a  positive change for all involved. 

Everything we do at Quiver Tree Capital is Anti Zero-Sum. 

Commercial Advantage

We translate a competitive advantage via empowerment directly into a commercial advantage. We help our clients deliver real results with the focus being on both the bottom line as well as people development.

Delivery of real and meaningful transformation

Transformation in South Africa is a serious concern for our young democracy. Choose the trusted partner that solves this altruistically for all involved.

Investment Banking Approach

The combination of experience and expertise enables QTC to provide its clients with unparalleled advice in the structuring of transactions. QTC accurately identifies and mitigates potential risks facing its clients.

Quiver Tree Capital Founding Director Lawrence Roff.
Quiver Tree Capital Director Israel Noko.


Lawrence Roff _


Lawrence has combined his extensive practical knowledge of the Codes with his desire and passion to be an Entrepreneur. He utilises his decades of experience trading and structuring businesses across numerous sectors around the world to offer a creative solution to the South African market. He gives any client he works with the competitive edge they need to navigate the unique regulatory landscape of SA.

  • Identifying novel alignments in a market distorted by regulation
  • Implementing products that deliver unexpected value
  • Creating advantage in adversity


Mark Gemmill _


With over 25 years of international investment banking experience focusing on transaction origination and sales allowed Mark to excel in his role and travel around the world. He is now settled in South Africa and brings a cool head and calm hand to every deal orchestrated by Quiver Tree Capital no matter the sector.

  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Sales


Israel Noko _


Israel is a man with all the experience in the world. He is more than just a Director but an extremely passionate businessman wanting to see Equitable Growth, Economic Transformation and Foreign Investment in South Africa and throughout Africa. He leads through applying simple restructuring solutions to corporate environments and nurtures by advising industries on their next steps forward.

  • Identifying expansion opportunities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing operational execution systems


Some valuable words from our past and present clientele:

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