ICASA – Equity Ownership

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (“ICASA”) has recently published draft legislation on how it intends to prescribe equity ownership of Historically Disadvantaged Groups (“HDG”), and more specifically Black people, as it appears in the

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Skills Development

1. Element 3 – Skills Development   Total Weighting Points: 20 Total Bonus Points: 5 Total Possible Points: 25 Core Pillar: Yes Sub-Minimum Points: 8 (excluding Bonus Points)   1.1. The Detailed Skills Development Scorecard (Generic)

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Management Control

  1. Generic Scorecard Element 2 – Management and Control   Total Weighting Points: 19 Total Possible Points: 19 Core Pillar: No Sub-Minimum Points: Not Applicable   1.1. The Detailed Management and Control Scorecard (Generic Scorecard)

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What is Net Value Transfer

1. Net Value Transfer Requirement   1.1. This requirement of Ownership was enacted to address phantom ownership where black names would appear on shareholder registers without value ever accruing to those black shareholders.  This was frequently

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BEE Blog 7

Determination of Targets for Generic Enterprises

1. Key Inputs into Determination of Targets for Generic Enterprises 1.1. Generic Enterprises have a turnover greater than R50 million in the financial year prior to assessment.  Note that the Codes do not recognise the difference

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