Management Control


1. Generic Scorecard Element 2 – Management and Control


Total Weighting Points: 19

Total Possible Points: 19

Core Pillar: No

Sub-Minimum Points: Not Applicable


1.1. The Detailed Management and Control Scorecard (Generic Scorecard)


B-BBEE Blog 12 Table
B-BBEE Blog 12 Table


1.2. The Background


1.2.1. The purpose of this section of the Codes is to influence companies to reflect the racial and gender make-up of the country or province in their board and operational management structures.  It also encourages the employment of black disabled people.   

1.2.2. Management and Control works from the overall representation of black people as defined in the Regulations of Employment Equity Act and Commission of Employment Equity Report.  It is important to note that this does not refer to the gross number of black men and women but rather the subset of that group that is economically active – The Economically Active Population (“EAP”).

1.2.3. A company may choose whether to use the National EAP or if the majority of its employees are situated in one province, the Provincial EAP for that province in determining the Management and Control score.  

1.2.4. Depending on the racial distribution of management, this can make a significant difference to a company’s score.  (The provincial distribution of Economically Active black African people ranges between and 38% and 95.8%; Coloured people between 0.6% and 46.5%; Indians between 0.1% and 8.3% and Whites between 2.2% and 14.6%.) Source  

1.2.5. EAP targets apply to Senior, Middle and Junior management.  The rest of this scorecard does not distinguish between different categories of black people but does distinguish between Black men and women.

1.2.6. EAP targets are measured in percentages.  In order to approximate the correct distribution of race and gender, a company would have to be very large indeed.  Practically, it is never possible to achieve full points in any element that is subject to the EAP targets.   

1.2.7. If a company does not differentiate between Other Executive Management and Senior Management, Senior Management may be included in Other Executive Management.  Stepping outside of the EAP targets make it easier to earn points.  

1.2.8. As can be seen from the scorecard, black women qualify as black people and again as black women, providing exceptional value in all categories except Employees with Disabilities (which is not subject to EAP or gender targets).

1.2.9. Employing Black people with Disabilities represents some of the easiest points to achieve in the scorecard.  The target for Black people with Disabilities is 2% of employees. The definition of Disability is reasonably broad.