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Finding the right solution

Quiver Tree

Quiver Tree specializes in corporate structuring and advisory services with a specific focus on B-BBEE related solutions. Quiver Tree’s clients include multi-national companies, family owned and privately held businesses.

As B-BBEE experts, Quiver Tree has a thorough understanding of the content, requirements and application of South Africa’s B-BBEE legislation and the Revised Codes of Good Practice.

Compliance with the B-BBEE legislation delivers empowerment, which is measured in terms of Levels. The better your Level the more empowered you are and the more attractive you are to do business with.

The more empowered a company is, the more preferential procurement points it can deliver to its customers. Preferential procurement points are the currency of B-BBEE, both Level and Ownership composition contribute to your ability to deliver these points.

Quiver Tree’s approach is to transform B-BBEE into a competitive advantage for its clients in a commercially sensible way. Quiver Tree’s solutions enable its clients to deliver the maximum possible B-BBEE value to their customers and clients, while taking into account any internal constraints they may have.


Ownership is Quiver Tree’s flagship solution and at the forefront of its structuring expertise. Quiver Tree’s insights to the Ownership element of the scorecard bring a breath of fresh air to the most challenging element of the B-BBEE scorecard.

Quiver Tree understands that implementing an Ownership transaction is an emotional journey and it guides clients through the process, while assisting in identifying the most suitable partners for the Ownership journey.

Quiver Tree provides a full-service offering, from understanding your constraints and challenges, to advising on the possible options available to cater for your needs while meeting the B-BBEE requirements, and ultimately structuring the Ownership solution that will best compliment your business, allowing it to thrive.

Once you are satisfied with your Ownership solution, Quiver Tree provides the necessary legal documentation and manages the entire implementation process to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Quiver Tree has designed and implemented many B-BBEE Ownership transactions for its clients and can tailor and adapt its Ownership solutions to meet your specific requirements and constraints.

When you implement a Quiver Tree Ownership solution you get to enjoy these benefits:

B-BBEE Expertise

Implementing a B-BBEE Ownership transaction can be a difficult and emotional process. Quiver Tree can assist you in designing a solution that will meet your B-BBEE requirements and deliver real commercial benefits to your business.

A Competitive Edge

Correctly structured and implemented, an Ownership transaction will enable you to offer more than your competitors. Your ability to deliver preferential procurement points to your customers and clients will make you a partner of choice.

Cost Savings

Quiver Tree’s understanding that the commercial aspects of an Ownership transaction are of primary importance has led Quiver Tree to be the partner of choice in structuring and implementing B-BBEE Ownership transactions. Quiver Tree enables you to maximise your Ownership points and realise significant cost savings over time.

A Commercial Advantage

Ensuring that you have an optimal Ownership composition means you can deliver significantly more preferential procurement points to your customers and clients than your competitors. This turns B-BBEE into a direct competitive and commercial advantage.

If you are exploring Ownership or need more information, contact Quiver Tree Capital on and +27 11 073 1730.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Your Enterprise Development (“ED”) and Supplier Development (“SD”) contributions are determined by your Net Profit After Tax (“NPAT”). The contributions are a prescribed percentage of your NPAT. Depending on your sector, the percentage of NPAT that you must contribute may vary, but for the Generic Scorecard it equates to 1% ED and 2% SD.

Quiver Tree offers an Enterprise and Supplier Development (“ESD”) solution through its Magenta Group of companies (“Magenta”) which is cost-saving, easily implemented, and delivers the necessary ESD points you require.

This ESD solution can deliver the maximum number of ED and SD points, and ensures that these are delivered in perpetuity. In some cases, the Graduation bonus point can also be delivered.

This enables Quiver Tree’s clients to realise considerable NPAT related cost savings over time. Through working with Magenta, Quiver Tree’s clients are able to realise considerable NPAT related savings, equating to almost 11% of NPAT by the end of year 5.

This ESD solution is a low touch, time saving and admin friendly solution. It is swift to implement and easily “Topped-Up” at a later stage if higher than expected ESD contributions need to be made.

Clients are provided with the full suite of ESD documentation, including the supporting documentation required by your Verification Agent. There are no set up fees or associated costs with Magenta.

This excellent ESD solution has been happily embraced by our clients, including those in the ICT sector that have more stringent requirements.

For more information on this ESD solution, contact Quiver Tree Capital on and +27 11 073 1730.

For more information on Magenta, please visit the Magenta website at


Scorecard Optimisation Services

It is often that case that different departments within a company manage different aspects of B-BBEE compliance, this is particularly so in the case of larger companies and multi-nationals.

The impact of this is that inefficiencies develop within a company’s B-BBEE strategy, resulting in either valuable points being missed or unnecessary spend being made. In both cases, this is additional cost incurred by the company, and may also result in a risk of the company potentially missing a B-BBEE Level or being discounted an Empowerment Level as a result of missing a Priority Element Sub-minimum.

Quiver Tree offers Scorecard Optimisation Services (“SOS”). Quiver Tree’s in depth and expert understanding of B-BBEE is utilized to analyse your current B-BBEE strategy and spend to identify any possible inefficiencies that may be occurring.

Based on its findings, Quiver Tree will provide you with an alternative B-BBEE strategy that will secure the same B-BBEE Level for you, but at a cost saving.

To have your Scorecard and B-BBEE spend optimised, contact Quiver Tree Capital on and +27 11 073 1730.

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